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Artists in Alphabetical Order

Afzelius, Nils
Afzelius Curvy Pendant

Nils Afzelius is a glass artist and photographer, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Afzelius has been working with glass since 1995 and has developed a unique style of borosilicate glass work. Each piece is designed to be one of a kind.

Brown, Michael
Brown Tiles

Michael (Mike) Brown explores botanical and garden elements through photography and creates tiles, coaster sets, and serving trays showcasing a myriad of his original photographic images.

Buchanan, Neal

Neal Buchanan started working as a graphic artist in the early 1970s.  He has done album cover design, professional illustration and industrial graphic design, and through it all has remained focused on the beauty around us.  His photographs reveal moments in his cross-country journeys through his acute eye for color, light and beauty. You are sure to enjoy these images that capture people and places in ways that compel us to see life in new ways.

Buchanan, Sherry
Buchanan Poppy Bouquet Ring

Sherry Buchanan creates rings and pendants from pods, buds, and other botanical elements. All pieces are solid sterling silver, made by lost wax casting.

Buchanan, Tekoah
Buchanan Bridges Large-scale Photo

Tekoah Buchanan creates stunning large-scale photographic images of Portland, Oregon; these works are breathtaking representations of our very own bridges, waterways and streets. He shares images that reveal his lifelong quest to translate our fast-paced industrial world into pictorial works, revealing the beauty of our everyday world.

Burton, Jody
Burton Sailboat

Jodi Burton, in the tradition of the French impressionists paints “en plein air,” meaning in open air. Artists have long painted outdoors, but this style of painting flourished in the late 1800s when tubes of paint became available and French painters began recording their impressions of landscapes. Burton is a member of the Portland Plein Air and Studio Painters. She was commissioned to paint Oregon scenes on the 1921 CW Parker carousel at Jantzen Beach.

Carlson, Sandra
Carlson Bloom Series Print

Sandra Carlson botanical prints are magnificent representations of nature.  We carry prints from her Bloom series, and represent her latest work. Her imaginative hand-crafted etchings are finely detailed.  The lines entwine to reveal the essence of flowers, buds and plants.

Carter, Brian
Carter Urban Landscapes

We are pleased to exhibit the work of Pacific Northwest graphic artist and illustrator, Brian Carter. His work reveals beautifully layered images, offering vivid spectrum’s of color, urban environments with dramatic lighting styles and distinctive local landscapes. Carter went on to earn his BS degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Portland. Carter owns and operates Pearl Printing, one of the nation’s most reputable fine art reproduction companies, specializing in archival digital printing on canvas and fine art papers, using archival inks.

Demarest, Shawn
Demarest Print

Shawn Demarest has been featured in galleries both regionally and nationally, having had group exhibitions as well as solo shows in Taos, New Mexico and Portland, Oregon. Her paintings are unbelievably realistic, yet there are intangible qualities, compelling you to explore the world she captures in her painting – purely amazing work.

Gere, Zak
Gere Burnside

Native-Portlander and self-taught artist, Zak Gere has been independently showing and selling art since 1999. His paintings vary greatly in subject and style from photo-realistic portraits to highly stylized figures and landscapes. Gere also produces wire sculpture which he builds from steel into incredibly detailed solid forms.

Gleave, Tina
Gleave Scarf

Pearl Gallery & Framing is proud to showcase the WEARABLE fine art of California textile artist Tina Gleave. Gleave’s hand painted silk scarves make excellent gifts. All patterns are created by Gleave, and she is the sole creator of each piece from design stage through execution. Subjects include irises, sunflowers, orchids, calla lilies, hydrangeas, poppies, Birds of Paradise, dogwoods, aspens, monarch butterflies and more. Gleave is a member of Silk Painters International.  Her work has been shown in several domestic exhibitions and fashion shows, and is being considered for international exhibitions.  We also carry a limited number of her hand painted silk wall panels, sure to intrigue.

Haberman, Chris
Haberman Hoods

Chris Haberman creates folk art on found objects, reflecting the complexity of our culture. Sam Adams has said that Chris Haberman is the hardest working artist in Portland. Haberman has been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine, the Oregon Art Annual, countless other exhibits, and he has been featured on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Art Beat.

Hernandez, William
Hernandez Dreamer Awoke

William Hernandez is a Peruvian artist who completed his professional education in Lima at La Escuela de Bellas Artes (1995-2002), with a specialization in painting and drawing.  His works have been exhibited in galleries and cultural centers in Lima, including ICPNA and Centro Cultural de Espana. His artwork is heavily influenced by urban life, mixing playful, dreamlike figures with vibrant cityscapes.

Houston, Gary
Houston Flaming Guitar

Gary Houston is one of the great American poster artists. Under the name Voodoo Catbox, he is best known for making silk-screen posters for music concerts, particularly for local venues like the Edgefield or for touring bands like Willie Nelson, Al Green, Los Lobos and hundreds more. His posters are traditionally made – hand drawn and hand cut or scratchboard originals, and each is hand-pulled. Each poster is a limited edition, every one numbered and signed by Houston himself.  As each edition is sold out, no more posters of that image are reproduced. His work has been featured in countless venues and covered by notable reviewers, including Oregon Music News and Oregon Art Beat.

Kenworth, Jennifer
Kenworth Velvet Painting

Whose work has been featured in HBO’s series, True Blood, is held in the private collection of Danielle Steel and appears on Nike sportswear? Jennifer Kenworth, also known by her pseudonym, Juanita, is the famed painter of fuzzy fabric and sculptor of caricatures from six inches to seven feet tall. Kenworth captures the humor of everyday ordinary life in her figurative ceramic sculpture, and represents pop culture in her velvet paintings. She has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and National Geographic Traveler Magazine. Her work has been nationally recognized in well-known venues including the Tonight Show and Oregon Art Beat.

McGrath, Sheri
McGrath Painting

Sheri McGrath paints and creates mixed media original collages from recycled materials. We carry her original journals, greeting cards and some larger works. Her ironic folk art has been exhibited at several galleries, including Whistling Gallery, SAGE Gallery, Second Street Gallery, Cest Vert, The Nickel in Port Orford and Sharkbites in Coos Bay, among others.

Mitchell, Devon
Mitchell Stream Engine

The work of Devon Mitchell reveals the confluence of the industrial and natural worlds. Her process is like a mini-evolution. She begins with wood panels and rabbit skin gesso, pouring and dripping inks to create an initial layer of texture and color.  With subsequent layers of oil paint and cold wax, Mitchell transforms random texture and color into suggestive forms and landscapes.  Her conceptual exploration ultimately leads her to produce paintings that embody the dynamic tension between abstraction and representation. Her work has been shown in both group and solo exhibitions, including the Sitka Art Invitational. She is one of the founders of the Portland Child Art Studio, a nonprofit organization offering studio experience to kids.

Mooney, Christopher
Mooney Bridge Painting

Christopher Mooney, a local celebrity in architectural painting, has made substantial contributions to the visual documentation of urban landmarks in Portland. Mooney honors bridges by painting them from unusual points of view, giving them dramatic perspectives, rendering them both realistic and abstract. Mooney has a BFA in Illustration from Parson’s School of Design, New York, New York. His work has been the subject of numerous group and solo exhibitions. He is a member of Portland Open Studios and has won several awards for his painting. His work has been featured on the cover of the book, Rental Sales Gallery, Portland Art Museum, The First 50 Years and featured in Hawthorne Bridge, Celebrating 100 Years in Art and Words, a 2010 calendar supporting the Hawthorne Bridge Centennial Celebration.

Morse, Sine
Morse Paper Art Shadow Box Dinosaur

Sine Morse is a paper artist extraordinaire. Her work evokes happiness and fun. She paints thick watercolor paper with acrylics to create vibrant colors, and then cuts each detailed piece of her composition by hand, drawing from her imagination to create paper shadow box scenes. To give dimension and depth, Morse layers paper and rolls paper into cylinders. Her work is enchanting and whimsical, and her brightly colored unique creations depict a natural world that pops with vivid life.

Petz, Nathan & Emily Kay
Petz Kay Painting

Nathan Petz & Emily Kay are two Portland-based artists whose collaborative oil paintings who share the canvas. These artists actually work on the same canvas, each adding his or her own unique style until their combined brushstrokes reveal their subjects. Petz is a world traveler, having been a working artist in Germany. He owns a successful tattoo shop in Portland. Petz has over fifteen years of sketching, painting and tattooing experience. Kay studied printmaking, drawing, sculpture and painting in college and pursued her career in tattooing afterward, where she met Petz.

Pixistix & Jax
Pixistix & Jax Burpies

Shaun Perkins and Dea Cordua are the creators of Pixistix & Jax, makers of the finest burp cloths you will ever find! These burpies are locally made and colorful, functional cloths that are a perfect baby shower gift.

Playford, Shanon

Owing to an interest in art history and contemporary culture, Shanon Playford is something of a painting chameleon. She allows her ideas (or subjects) to dictate the style and approach taken for each new series. Her work demonstrates an unstoppable curiosity for the “what if.” Playford works primarily in oil. She infuses her work with a keen knowledge of, and playful irreverence to, traditional skills and techniques. Playford graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1997 and studied at the School of the Museum Fine Arts in Boston. Her work has been showcased in the United Kingdom and galleries throughout the United States.

Sanderson, Momoko
Sanderson Large Organism

Momoko Sanderson grew up on a dairy farm in Hokkaido, Japan, surrounded by beautiful untouched nature. Her work has always been about awareness of co-existence between human, animals, and nature. To express her imagery, she uses various metal techniques and numerous materials such as metals, glass, wood, fiber, paper, and more to create sculptures that are astounding in their quality and design. Momoko Sanderson currently lives in Japan, and we are privileged to share her sculpture with local collectors.

Santi, Laura
Santi 1000 Arms Thangka Print

Internalize the Buddha qualities. Experience the inspirational works of Laura Santi, painter of Tibetan and Nepali traditional style Thangka paintings. Thangkas became popular with traveling monks because the scroll paintings were easily transported. Today, they continue to serve as important teaching tools offering depictions of the life of the Buddha and other deities. We offer limited edition Giclee prints of works originally created with natural mineral pigments, gouache, and 22 carat gold. Santi, a practicing acupuncturist, received training from Swami Chetanananda.

Totally Blown Glassworks
Totally Blown Glassworks Ornament Suncatcher

Totally Blown Glassworks (Seattle, WA) was built by Dehanna Jones, whose fascination with glass has been life-long.  We travel to select and bring to you the most stunning hand blown glass sun-catcher ornaments available.

Tucker-Schwartz, Doreen
Tucker Schwartz New Energy Cubist Painting

Rejuvenate and energize yourself with the abstract cubist-inspired works of Doreen Tucker Schwartz. Pearl Gallery and Framing features original paintings and limited edition prints. These paintings range from emulations of the famous works of Picasso to more abstract representations of color. Schwartz’s paintings reflect her 30-year journey as an artist and offer us a sense of openness, growth and freedom.

Valenzuela, Shalene
Valenzuela Ceramic Cup and Flask

The ceramic works of Shalene Valenzuela are quirky pieces that reflect upon a variety of issues with a thoughtful, yet humorous tone. She is inspired by the potential of everyday common objects, and recaptures these objects in clay through assembling slipcast pieces, and illustrates the surfaces with a variety of hand painted and screen printed imagery. Shalene received her BA in Art Practice at the University of California at Berkeley and an MFA in Ceramics from California College of Arts and Crafts, and spent several years in Oakland making work at her studio, Cricket Engine Studio and Gallery, where she also served as gallery manager. She has taught classes and workshops at Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, The Clay Studio of Missoula, Missoula Art Museum, Richmond Art Center, ASUC Studios at UC Berkeley, and CCA Extended Education. She has been a guest artist and speaker at a number of art centers, colleges, and universities. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions nationally, and has been featured in several publications.

Vance Family Soy Candles
Vance Family Candles - Non-GMO, No Synthetics, All Natural

GMO-free soy candles – Yes, they exist! Vance Family Soy Candles is committed to changing the petroleum based candle and beauty industry and educating the world about the dangers of synthetic fragrance. Vance does not use synthetic fragrances, but instead create candles using only plant-based, all natural, sustainable products that will make the world a better place to live and breathe. These candles are available at earth conscience retailers throughout America.

Walker-Scott, Laura
Walker Scott Chalk - Prints Available

Laura Walker Scott creates vibrant chalk pastels. Her subjects include starry skies, juicy fruit, flowers and oceans that she has encountered through her travels as well as more conceptual pieces illustrating topics such as heartbreak and joy. Her bold style has captured the attention and praise of collectors far and wide.

Williams, Kelly
Williams Trees Encaustic Painting 

The work of Kelly Williams has been shown extensively, both locally and nationally. She is a philanthropist, a community-involved artist generously giving her time and skills to serve recovery programs, arts education and collaborative art collectives. Williams developed a Regional Arts and Culture Council-funded project entitled Recovery Panes, working with those affected by addiction. Her work is included in the collections of several local businesses, and has been featured in many local and national publications. Williams works in the medium of encaustic paint. Encaustic painting is an ancient medium dating back to early Greek and Egyptian art. The paint is made from melted beeswax mixed with pigment and resin. Each layer is fused with a heat implement such as a torch or iron before new layers can be added. Carving tools are used to incise lines and shapes and add sculptural elements, bringing the painted surface beyond its traditional two-dimensions. Her work is full of life, one-of-a-kind and collectible.